Since high school and early years of my undergraduate studies, I have been passionate about digital circuits. During my second year of my BSc. I started teaching myself how to build digital circuits using HDL languages. I also taught myself both the ASIC and FPGA design flows. I also formed with a group of my colleagues an undergraduate research team that has been working on implementations of cryptographic primitives and processing engines. We managed to publish one research paper, which was an unusual achievement for a team of undergraduates in our institution, and it inspired many younger students to follow the same path. We also managed to land a long term internship in one of the biggest VLSI companies in the Egyptian market.

Later, I joined Boost Valley, an emerging start-up back then in the Egyptian VLSI market, where I got the chance to work on advanced design and verification flows and deepen my knowledge about programming and hardware design, while working of cutting-edge communication protocols. I also started working on my MSc. on Cryptographic Hardware. What started as an application used to learn hardware design, became a passion and I decided to focus my efforts on Cryptography.

In 2016, I joined the SYLLAB research group in NTU. My main research focus is the practical aspects of Symmetric Key Cryptography, which includes: Physical Security, Hardware Implementations, Practical Cryptanalysis and Primitive Design.



2016 - 2020

Nanyang Technological University

PhD., Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Cryptographic Hardware

Hardware implementation and optimization of cryptographic primitives and Boolean functions.

Physical Security of Symmetric Key Primitives

Differential Fault Analysis of symmetric key cryptographic primitives and countermeasures against such attacks, both at the algorithm and implementation levels.

2008 - 2013

Alexandria University

BSc., Electronics and Communications Engineering

Practical Cryptanalysis

Designing and implementing practical attacks against symmetric key primitives

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